LimeLight Awards: Shortlisted Nominations Announced

Through the introduction of the LimeLight Awards, LimeCulture seek to acknowledge the outstanding contributions and achievements of individual ISVAs, ISVA Teams and ISVA Managers who have demonstrated excellence, dedication and commitment to supporting victims of sexual violence through their work. We believe that ISVAs deserve to be properly recognised for the important, challenging and professional work they do to support those who have experienced sexual violence. The LimeLight Awards are intended to be a first step in the direction of professional recognition of ISVAs and their services.

We are delighted by the response we have received from ISVAs and other professionals following the introductions of the LimeLight Awards and as a result, we have received a large number of nominations in each of the four categories.

All of the categories have now been carefully considered as part of the shortlisting process, which was completed in two stages; an initial sift (which selected 6 nominations in each category) and a final sift (which selected 3 nominations from the initial sift in each category). These two stages were conducted independently of one another and by different members of the LimeCulture Core Team so as to be as fair and objective as possible.

The following nominations have been shortlisted:

Award 1: Outstanding Achievement by an ISVA Supporting Adults

  1. Ady Lowe- Victim Support West Yorkshire
  2. Marta Almeida- Solace Women’s Aid
  3. Yehudis Goldobel – Migdal Emunah


Award 2: Vicky Bardsley Prize: Oustanding Achievement by an ISVA Supporting Children & Young People

  1. Margaretta Vauls – RSVP
  2. Jodie Lowndes – Crisis Point
  3. Helen Leach – RASA Merseyside


Award 3: Exceptional ISVA Team

  1. New Pathways Swansea ISVA Team
  2. Refuge Thames Valley ISVA Team
  3. RSVP ISVA Team


Award 4: Inspirational ISVA Manager

  1. Rebecca Hitchin – RASASC, South London
  2. Sally Howells – Cyfannol Women’s Aid
  3. Sarah Staverley – Amethyst SARC


The shortlisted nominations will be reviewed by Mrs Alison Pemberton who is a member of LimeCulture’s Independent Advisory Board. Alison has been given the responsibility of selecting the winner of each category, which will be announced at the National Conference for ISVAs ‘Knowledge and Network’ on Wednesday 28 September 2016.

We would like to congratulate each individual/Team/Manager that has been shortlisted for a LimeLight Award. With the existence of such a committed and dynamic ISVA workforce, to be nominated for a LimeLight Award is a great achievement and testament to the professionalism of each of them.

We would also like to thank everybody who took the time to nominate an ISVA, ISVA Team or a Manager for a LimeLight Award. It is clear that there are a whole range of individuals, teams and Managers providing excellent services throughout the country. From reading the impressive nomination forms, is clear to us at LimeCulture that all of the nominees are truly appreciated by others, whether it be peers, colleagues, managers and/or the people that you support. Well done to you all!



The 4 Winners of the (first) 2016 LimeLight Awards will be announced at a special ceremony taking place at the National Conference of ISVAs ‘Knowledge & Network’ on 28 September 2016.

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