LimeCulture LimeLight Awards 2020

The LimeLight Awards were introduced by LimeCulture CIC in 2016 with the aim of acknowledging the outstanding contributions and achievements of individual ISVAs, ISVA Teams and ISVA Managers. Following the success of the previous LimeLight Awards, LimeCulture are keen to continue to celebrate the excellence, dedication and commitment to supporting victims of sexual violence demonstrated by ISVAs through their work.

There are 4 awards

  • Award 1: Award for Outstanding Achievement by an ISVA Supporting Adults
  • Award 2: The Vicky Bardsley Prize – Award for Outstanding Achievement by an ISVA Supporting Children and Young People
  • Award 3: Limelight ISVA Team/Service Innovation Award.
  • Award 4: Award for Inspirational ISVA Manager

 LimeCulture CIC is committed to the development of the ISVA workforce. Since the establishment of our ISVA Development Programme in 2011, we have supported hundreds of ISVAs to provide high-quality, independent and professional support services to victims of sexual violence. During this time, we have seen a huge increase in the number of ISVA service providers and indeed, the number of professionals joining the ISVA workforce. With these increases has come the recognition that all ISVA services across the UK must be moving towards sustainability through provision of high-quality, innovative, professional services that meet the complex needs of the people who use the services.

LimeCulture’s view is that ISVAs and their services deserve to be properly recognised for the important, challenging and professional work they do to support those who have experienced sexual violence. The LimeLight Awards are intended to be a first step in the direction of professional recognition of ISVAs and their services.

Nominations for this years’ LimeLight Awards are now closed. Nominations were submitted between Wednesday 27th of November 2019 and Wednesday 5th of February 2020. Awards will be presented at ‘Knowledge & Network’ National Conference for Independent Sexual Violence Advisers (ISVAs) on 5 March 2020 in Manchester.

For more information on the categories, guidelines and how to nominate please download:

Categories, Guidelines & Tips LimeLight Awards 2020 (PDF)

Nomination Form LimeLight Awards 2020 (Word Document)