Sexual Violence Liaison Officer (SVLO) Universities Conference

The Sexual Violence Liaison Officer Conference


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LimeCulture is delighted to share that we are hosting the National Sexual Violence Liaison Officer (SVLO) Conference on the 8th July 2021.

This will be via an on-line platform.


As with the first SVLO Conference in December 2019, we will be highlighting some key learning and developments from across the sector and further afield, as well as acknowledging the outstanding contributions and achievements of SVLOs through our LimeLight Awards.


LimeCulture’s view is that SVLOs/SVMLOs and their services deserve to be properly recognised for the important, challenging and professional work they do to support those in the University community who have been subjected to sexual violence.  The LimeLight Awards are intended to be a first step in the direction of professional recognition of SVLOs and SVMLOs and their services.

Although the content of the day will be tailored towards supporting and informing SVLOs and other University sexual violence support workers, the sessions may also be valuable for a broader range of professionals working in the University and/ or sexual violence sector. Please do book on if you feel as though it could be useful for you, and feel free to make contact with us if you have any questions or concerns at this time.


Details of the agenda will be added over the next few months; however, the day will start with a welcoming address, followed by plenary sessions specifically focused on disclosure and reporting processes in the role of the SVLO.

Moving into the afternoon, there will be an opportunity for attendees to attend smaller Elective Workshops, focused on more specific areas of working in the context of sexual misconduct in Higher Education. These workshops will give attendees an opportunity to ask questions and discuss with specialists in the field, as well as share best practice with colleagues, in a smaller group setting.

Attendees will have an opportunity to select preferences for these Elective Workshops in your booking form below. Please note, we will do our best to adhere to attendees’ choices when allocating to workshops, however this may not always be possible. The earlier the booking is made, the more likely it will be that attendees will be able to attend the preferred workshops.


After the Elective Workshops, there will be further plenary sessions and opportunities to ask questions and share best practice with colleagues. The Conference will conclude with our LimeLight Awards.

More information on the LimeLight Awards to follow soon!

The cost for attending the Conference is £85 per person plus VAT.

The price on the booking form is shown without VAT but this will be added when invoicing.

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