LimeCulture offers bespoke consultancy at a reasonable rate to a range of organisations including, Police and Crime Commissioners, Local Authorities, NHS organisations, Government Departments, Universities and Higher Education Institutions, private and public organisations and local service providers who want to improve the response to victims of sexual violence.

Through a range of tailor-made consultancy services, we can work with you to deliver the required project or services that you want and need. If you would like to discuss your requirements in further detail, please contact us or email

LimeCulture believes that all victims of sexual violence should have access to a network of high-quality support services that can meet their individual needs.

Therefore, it is important that these services are properly funded and commissioned, robustly managed and monitored, and staffed by properly trained professionals.

The effective development and design of a service is vital in order to make sure it is fit for purpose, provides high-quality victim-focused care that is safe, and offering value for money for those who fund or pay for the service.

LimeCulture has extensive experience of working with those responsible for developing and designing services, commissioners and providers alike. We have created a range of support packages available to support the development and design of innovative, world-class sexual violence services.

Service Review

An independent service review is an excellent way of understanding whether a service is fit for purpose, meets the needs of the people who use that services, and provides value for money. It is also a great way of obtaining an independent view as to the quality of the service that is being provided.

An independent service review will have many benefits. Ultimately, it should help the service to better meet the needs of the people who need that services, but it also provides an opportunity to:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness and quality of the service that is provided
  • Gather information to strengthen the provision of the service
  • Provide an insight into current service provision, which can be used to monitor and measure the progress of changes that are implemented
  • Help identify any barriers to effective service provision, facilitating how better access to the service could be improved
  • Stimulate a more responsive service by involving staff, partners and stakeholders
  • Support current and future commissioners and funders in their understanding of the service that is provided/required.

LimeCulture has considerable experience in undertaking independent service reviews, and through our unique skills and expertise relating to the range of services that are required by victims of sexual violence. As leaders in the field of sexual violence, we are able to provide credible and respected independent findings about the effectiveness and quality of a service, based on our professional judgment, coupled with the views of key staff, partners and stakeholders.

Testimonial from Gloucester Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner – 

From the Gloucestershire Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner’s perspective we were very keen to understand the current service provision and quality of the ISVA service in Gloucestershire and also to use the findings to develop a specification for the commissioning of our new and inclusive ISVA service which will commence in April 2018. We had no hesitation in commissioning Lime Culture to conduct this review and were exceedingly impressed with the team who visited Gloucestershire which included their Chief Executive, Stephanie Reardon. Their approach was of the highest professional quality and their ability to interact with key stakeholders was thorough. The final report was very well presented and has enabled us to produce a specification which has been recognised as being of very high standard and will be used by other OPCC commissioning teams within the country.

Richard Bradley, Deputy Chief Executive, OPCC Gloucestershire 2017

Needs Assessment

Conducting a needs assessment of the local population can lead to a better shared understanding among relevant agencies of the appropriate local service response for victims of sexual violence.

The evidence and impetus created through a needs assessment will provide partners with the local understanding to implement effective service development or redesign that meets the needs of the people who use the service.

LimeCulture has considerable experience in undertaking needs assessments relating to sexual violence, and through our unique skills and expertise relating to the whole spectrum of sexual violence, we are able to identify key strengths and good practice in the way services are delivered for victims, any gaps in current provision and the interface between agencies and the services they provide. Based on the findings of the needs assessment, we will make key practical recommendations for improvement.

Testimonial from Nottinghamshire Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping said: “LimeCulture has played a key role in transforming support services for victims of sexual violence in Nottinghamshire. In 2017, the organisation was commissioned to deliver an independent review of sexual violence support across the county as part of a wider project to overhaul almost all aspects of help services for victims and survivors of sexual violence. This included the launch of a victim survey, a literature review, focus groups with survivors and a consultation event with stakeholders.

“The company’s experience and specialist knowledge of sexual violence recovery care has enhanced Nottinghamshire’s response to victims and survivors of rape and sexual assault, ensuring services reflect the needs and vulnerabilities of those requiring help.“As well as delivering projects on time, LimeCulture was a continuous source of advice and expertise on all aspects of specialist victim care and Nottinghamshire benefitted significantly from this guidance. I was thoroughly impressed with their approach and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other commissioners in the future.”

Paddy Tipping, Police and Crime Commissioner, Nottinghamshire 2017

Facilitated Away Days

Facilitated Away Days and Events are an excellent method of addressing current issues, developing strategy and improving the performance of individuals, teams and services.  A different environment, no interruptions and a skilled facilitator are great ways of helping your team or key partners to come together and focus on specific issues or themes.

LimeCulture has experience of designing and successfully facilitating Away Days and Events for a range of teams, services and stakeholders. Each of our Away Days and Events are designed to ensure that the whole team is involved and that every individual is able to contribute in a relaxed environment. The design of our Away Days and Events are focused enough to ensure all key outcomes are achieved while being flexible to respond to issues as they arise.

The presence of a LimeCulture facilitator, briefed by the team leader or service manager, will ensure that time is well spent and all individuals are able to participate fully.

Please contact us or email for more information.

Many providers of sexual violence services will have years of experience, knowledge and skills to work effectively with victims, they do not always have the time, capacity or resources to enter into complicated bidding arrangements in order to secure contracts or funding to continue their important work.

Sadly, this could mean that more and more specialist sexual violence services have to close if they are not successfully winning contracts that fund the delivery of their service provision. As a result of this threat, LimeCulture has recently expanded the focus of our work to include a ‘Tendering Support’ package for providers of sexual violence services.

We can provide bespoke support to voluntary and community sector organisations who are putting together proposals, tenders or bids to provide services for victims of sexual violence as part of their local commissioning processes.

Our support will enable your service to demonstrate that you are able to deliver high-quality service to support victims of sexual violence and to make a strong case for investment.

Our support is tailored to meet the requirements of your individual service and can include a range of options and services, such as bid-writing assistance, support to develop proposals, independent service reviews, help with the development, collection and measuring of meaningful outcome information and data.

What our recent clients have said about the Tendering Support that we provided to them:

“Your support has been great and we felt that by approaching an organisation such as yourselves we would be ensuring that we got the best quality advice and guidance.”

Manager of a Rape Crisis Service that was successfully awarded a 3-year contract.

Quality Standards for Services Supporting Male Victims/Survivors of Sexual Violence

LimeCulture Community Interest Company (CIC) is working in partnership with Mankind, Safeline, Survivors Manchester and Survivors UK to develop distinct service standards for working with males who have experienced sexual violence.

Commissioners and funders are increasingly recognising the importance of service providers being able to properly evidence the quality of their services. As part of this measure of quality, it is routinely expected that service providers show that they can meet and maintain the relevant service standards for their particular sector.

It is currently not possible to provide evidence of the quality of their services by meeting and maintaining specific service standards that relate to and provide a benchmark for this important specialism.

In light of this gap, and recognising that they are currently unable to evidence the quality of their service provision, four specialist organisations providing support to males approached LimeCulture CIC to request they work in partnership to create a set of new service standards that relate specifically to the provision of care and support for male victims and survivors of sexual violence.

The purpose of the new service standards for supporting males is to:

  • Provide a quality benchmark for services supporting males
  • Create equitable service provision between providers and across geographical locations for males who have experience sexual violence (by eliminating a postcode lottery in service provision)
  • Continue to drive up standards of service provision through effective monitoring.

To support the implementation of the standards LimeCulture is delivering a programme of Independent Accreditation, Monitoring and Support which will allows services implementing the standards to achieve a quality mark against the standards. 

For further details of the Quality Standards and the Independent Accreditation Process please click here


LimeCulture is working on a number of contracts with national sports bodies on safeguarding.  Using our in-house experience, and a range of expert associates, we can quickly respond to a variety of requests.

Some of the recent pieces of work we have delivered include a safeguarding case review relating to a specific concern for a large sports club, and a review of safeguarding processes across a sporting sector.  Obviously, owing to the nature of some of the work we are asked to do, we are often bound by confidentiality agreements.  

However, whatever the work we are asked to do, the expertise that LimeCulture brings to this area includes:

  • In depth knowledge of minimum standards of safeguarding
  • Safeguarding best practice
  • How clients can become world leaders in safeguarding in their sport
  • The opportunity to commissioning a critical review of the current practices and procedures, both on paper and in person
  • A commitment to provide realistic recommendations for improvement to future safeguarding practices and procedures

Where we are asked to undertake review work LimeCulture uses a (tried and tested) rapid assessment review methodology that allows for triangulation of information that is delivered through:

  • Desk based research
  • Key informant Interviews
  • Focus Groups of key personnel
  • follow-up/clarification calls (to confirm/sense check information)

We will develop a bespoke report including recommendations at the conclusion of our review work.

If you think LimeCulture could help you email us at and we will be pleased to discuss your requirements.


Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse Truth Sessions Pilot Project – Delivery and Management of Support Service

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse commissioned LimeCulture to develop, manage and deliver the provision of support for individuals engaging with the Truth Sessions, a pilot project that was delivered during November 2015. LimeCulture worked with three trusted partners to ensure that information and advice, access to support workers and counsellors was available for all those who took part in the pilot project. 

Independent Review of Survivors Manchester ISVA Service

LimeCulture was commissioned by Survivors Manchester to undertake an independent review of their Independent Sexual Violence Adviser (ISVA) service, which was initially created as a pilot project. The aim of the independent review was to ensure their pilot ISVA Service was fit for purpose and to ensure the operating model was correctly aligned for the future.

LimeCulture undertook a two-stage review in order to allow interim findings and key recommendations from the first part of the independent review to be embedded into the service following the pilot phase.

Report of Findings from Awareness Training for Multi-Agency Professionals

In May 2014, the Home Office commissioned LimeCulture to carry out a review of five Multi-agency awareness raising events delivered to a range of professionals during January and February 2014.

The report outlined the training that was delivered to professionals to raise awareness and understanding of the issues faced by girls and young women affected by gangs. The report also outlines the good practice that was identified by professionals as part of the events, through discussions and feedback.

This report also included a summary of the evaluated feedback forms completed by 198 attendees and therefore provides a good insight into the views of the attendees as to whether the events were a successful way of meeting the Home Office’s objectives to improve the knowledge and understanding of these issues amongst professionals.

The report also captured the feedback from the trainers who over the course of the five events were able to discuss a wide range of issues with a large number of professionals from a range of organisations. 

Exploring the Possibilities for Collaboration to Provide Services to Support Victims of Sexual Violence in West Yorkshire

LimeCulture was commissioned as part of a project funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire, to explore the possibilities for collaboration to provide services to support victims of sexual violence.

This work included developing and designing interactive workshops for service providers to come together to look at the strategic development of local services for victims. The aim was to see how services for victims could be delivered through a partnership approach.

LimeCulture worked with a range of local service providers to identify the possible mechanisms for collaboration, creating a shared vision, overcoming barriers, identification of next steps.

Standards and Guidance for the Medical Examination of Adult and Child Sexual Assault Victims

The Forensic Science Regulator for England and Wales commissioned LimeCulture in partnership with Principle Forensic Standards Ltd (PFS) to draft the standards and guidance for medical examination of adult and child sexual assault victims. This work also included the development of a judicial primer, which outlines what standards should be expected by the criminal justice process.

These standards are the first of their kind, and ultimately seek to raise the standards of the provision of medical examination of victims following a sexual assault.

Health Needs Assessment of Children Under the Age of 13 Who Have Been Sexually Assaulted in the East of England

Between January and March 2015, LimeCulture CIC was commissioned by NHS England to undertake a Health Needs Assessment of children under the age of 13 who have been sexually assaulted in the 6 areas that make up the East of England (Norfolk, Suffolk, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Essex).

This comprehensive piece of work looked at the full range of specialist services that are available for children under the age of 13 in the region and based on prevalence data, service-level data and information provided by key informants (including staff, partners and stakeholders) was able to identify good practice, gaps in services provision and key recommendations for improving the services that are available for children under the age of 13 who have been sexually abused. 


In May 2017 LimeCulture was commissioned to develop a service specification for a talking therapies service for survivors of sexual violence.

This work was to build on work in the last ten years, where statutory partners have worked together to set up sexual assault referral services (SARS) across England. These services provide an appropriate environment for survivors to receive all care required, and to provide evidence in the immediate period after disclosing the incident(s). The services are comprehensive.  However, they do not offer talking therapies for survivors who wish to access support in the period after the incident(s).  It is expected that survivors would access such services within their own communities on referral from a GP.

Despite this expectation it is believed that a significant proportion of survivors do not access such services. This may be because they do not wish to disclose the matter to their GP, or because there is pressure on services, or because services specific to this need have not been commissioned.

The service specification developed by LimeCulture

  • Described a talking therapies service which responds to the needs of survivors of sexual violence
  • Described an all-age service, so that children and young people are provided with an appropriate service
  • Proposed specific forms of therapy with rationale for selecting these
  • Proposed the length and frequency of sessions for an individual survivor
  • Proposed the quality standards which the service should aim to reach
  • Proposed indicators against which the service can be assessed