Schools & Colleges

Following recent concerns about the prevalence of sexual violence and sexual harassment amongst children and young people in school and college settings, LimeCulture has developed the Sexual Misconduct Liaison Officer (SMLO) Model. 

The SMLO Model for schools builds on the well-established and successful support model that was developed for universities by LimeCulture in 2014/15 (which has now been adopted by more than 60 universities in the UK). Utilising the key learning from our work to support universities to better meet their responsibilities to victims of sexual misconduct within existing university structures, LimeCulture has developed a specific model of support for schools and colleges.

Working in partnership with The Perse School, (an Independent School in Cambridge, UK), LimeCulture has developed and tested the SMLO Model for schools and colleges, providing a whole school approach through the creation of a cadre of selected professionals from across the school or college, with additional specialist skills to enable them to respond to children and young people who report (or who are reported against) any form of sexual misconduct (including sexual harassment, including peer on peer abuse and harmful sexual behaviour).

Crucially, the SMLO Model places sexual misconduct within the strategic safeguarding response of schools, in line with statutory duties and national and sector context, providing the infrastructure to embed the SMLO Model into existing safeguarding structures with 4 key benefits:

  1. Children and young people have a recognised point of contact at school who has the skills, knowledge and training to respond to incidents of sexual misconduct,
  2. Staff recognise that there are specialists within the school or college who can support them if they are approached, receive information or a disclosure of sexual misconduct from a child or young person is made,
  3. External stakeholders know that there are staff within the school or college that can assist them in supporting victims of sexual misconduct,
  4. The SMLO Model does not require the appointment of new staff or creation of new posts and instead utilises existing staff from across the school to become upskilled with specialist knowledge and competencies, providing a whole school approach to the prevention of and response to sexual violence and misconduct. 

From January 2022, LimeCulture will be working with more schools and colleges to implement and embed the SMLO Model.

If you would like further information about the work we are doing with schools & colleagues or would like to know more about what LimeCulture can do to support your school or colleges, please email