LimeCulture Hosts Learning Disabilities Network for ISVAs

Last week LimeCulture hosted the first Network for ISVAs focusing on supporting those with learning disabilities. The Network meeting was attended by 40 ISVAs from 32 different ISVA services across the country and provided the opportunity for ISVAs to come together to share ideas, discuss challenges and identify solutions to better support people with learning disabilities who have experienced sexual violence and abuse.

The Network meeting was chaired by LimeCulture’s National ISVA Coordinator, Holli Waterson. Holli is responsible for the National ISVA Coordinator (NISVAC) Service, which was commissioned by Operation Hydrant as part of a national initiative to provide victims/survivors of sexual abuse from specific hard-to-reach, or seldom heard, groups with a pathway into support from an ISVA service and/or access to the criminal justice system, in recognition of the additional barriers they face.

The NISVAC service was established in 2020 and has recently expanded to also support victims/survivors with learning disabilities. Victim/survivors from this group are disproportionately affected by sexual violence, yet offenders are less likely to be brought to justice and victims/survivors are less likely to access support.

LimeCulture has been working with several national disability organisations to identify barriers in referring clients with learning difficulties or disabilities who may have experienced sexual assault or abuse, and to create pathways within their services to specialist local and national support. Raising awareness of the existence of local ISVA Services among disability organisations and seeking to strengthen their internal processes to enable appropriate referrals has been key to Holli’s recent work.

The first meeting of the Network took place on Thursday 14 October. It proved to be a great space for ISVAs across the country to come together and support one another to develop their practice in working with clients with learning disabilities. LimeCulture also arranged for Association for Real Change to attend the Network to talk to the ISVAs attending about their recent UsToo Project. ARC is a leading umbrella body representing service providers in the learning disability sector – whose purpose is to improve the quality of life for people who have a learning disability by supporting anyone who is involved in the planning or delivery of support and services.

Holli Waterson, National ISVA Coordinator said:

“I’m delighted by the range of ISVA services who joined the first Network Meeting. The Network provides a unique opportunity for ISVA services to come together and share experiences and challenges with our professional peers to help ensure our specialist sexual violence services are able to meet the needs of clients with learning disabilities”

An ISVA Service Manager also said:

“the sharing of knowledge and practice, and the opportunity for discussion and peer support is invaluable when it comes to improving service delivery to all survivors, but particularly those groups where additional barriers exist”.

LimeCulture is in the process of developing specific training for ISVAs working with victims/survivors with learning disabilities. This will be available in the coming months.

LimeCulture would like to thank all the ISVAs who attended the first Network meeting. We are keen to welcome every ISVA service to join the Network. For more information about the Network, please contact Holli



The NISVAC Service was commissioned by Operation Hydrant to support victims/survivors of sexual abuse from specific hard-to-reach, or seldom heard, groups with a pathway into support from an ISVA service and/or access to the criminal justice system, in recognition of the additional barriers they face. 

The National ISVA Advice Line is available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm – 0800 246 5260 or by email






Join the LimeCulture Team!

Keen for a new challenge? Why not join the LimeCulture team as our new Accreditation Manager? 

LimeCulture delivers a leading independent accreditation programme against the Quality Standards for Independent Sexual Violence Adviser (ISVA) Services, and the Male Survivors’ Partnership Quality Standards for Services Supporting Male Victims and Survivors.

We’re recruiting a new Accreditation Manager to join our passionate and talented team, and drive forward the next phase of the programme.

About the role

The Accreditation Managers are responsible for the end-to-end delivery of LimeCulture’s independent accreditation process, and work with several support services at any one time. They:

  • Maintain good relationships with all the services enrolled on the programme
  • Assess services’ compliance with the standards through documentary evidence review, focus groups, and interviews
  • Support services to make necessary improvements to meet the standards, while maintaining the independence and quality of the accreditation programme
  • Deliver external communications about the Quality Standards.

Could this be you?

We’re looking for a committed and proactive person who’s excited about the opportunity to work with sexual violence support services in the spirit of continuous improvement and excellence.

You’ll need to a have good understanding of frontline victim support services, ideally with operational experience; impressive interpersonal skills; attention to detail; and confidence in working with services to problem-solve.

This is a home-based, part-time role (24 hours/week), with occasional travel, that would be ideal for a person seeking flexible working solutions. The preferred distribution of hours will be agreed with the successful candidate.

We are also happy to consider secondment arrangements.

To apply

Send us a CV and covering letter that explains why you would be right for this role and how you meet the person specification.

Accreditation Manager  – Job Description and Person Specification (PDF)

Applications should be emailed to with the subject heading “Application: Accreditation Manager” by 23.59 on Sunday 17 October.

Interviews will take place via Zoom.

If you have any questions about the role or would like an informal discussion ahead of application, please contact Sam Whyte, Director of Consultancy Services, at

We’re excited to hear from you!

Find out more about our Independent Accreditation Programme here:

LimeCulture Learning Event to showcase the findings from the Lancashire Health-ISVA Pilot Project

    1. Empower healthcare staff (in hospital and community settings) to respond to victims of sexual abuse (recent and non-recent),
    2. Develop and raise awareness of referral pathways for staff and victims identified in healthcare settings including community, hospital and mental health services,
    3. Ensure that victims disclosing to health services can access appropriate support to manage their risks and meet their needs by onward referral to a range of services including community ISVA support,
    4. Ensure victims in contact with ISVA services are able to access appropriate healthcare support.

During the pilot, additional funding was secured from NHS England and Improvement to allow further ISVAs to be embedded within all the NHS Hospital Trusts across Lancashire. The pilot project also won the Nursing Times Award who announced Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust as the 2020 winner of the Integrated Approach to Care category for the Health-ISVA service. This prestigious award was presented by HRH Price of Wales.

LimeCulture was commissioned to undertake an Independent Review of the 3-year Project, and our Report of Findings will be published at the Learning Event. The Learning Event is intended to share the findings from the review of the pilot project and provide an opportunity for ISVA service providers, commissioners and policy leads to see how the key recommendations can be used to implement the project into other areas.

LimeCulture will be hosting a free online Learning Event on Thursday 14 October 2021 at 2-3.30pm. This event will take place online using the Zoom platform. Speakers will include the Police and Crime Commissioner for Lancashire, the Home Office lead for the Transformation Fund, the lead Commissioner and the Manager of Blackpool Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, who hosts all of the Health-ISVAs. LimeCulture will also present our findings and provide the opportunity for questions and discussions. 

If you would like to attend this Learning Event, please book your place using our online booking system.

For more information, please email



LimeCulture Announces New Project : Developing an International Training Framework for Safeguarding Officers in Sport

Professional development in safeguarding in sport can be difficult to navigate, with different sectors, models and people’s own experience shaping the response.  Internationally different legislation, and guidance – and even a lack of legislation and guidance – has led to a disjointed and fragmented response, when it is clear the issues of abuse in sport are similar world-wide.  There are examples of children, young people and adults being abused across the globe and a united, consistent and robust response will support organisations with closing the gaps, reducing opportunities for offenders and help create safer and positive experiences for participants in sport.

The aim of this project is to produce an international framework that sporting organisations can use to inform the professional development of their Safeguarding in Sport Leads.  LimeCulture is excited to be working with stakeholders from the sport sector across the world and with Professor Mike Hartill.

There are currently a number of organisations and Government agencies around the world delivering or developing training offers for safeguarding lead officers, but there is no academic pathway into the profession.  The framework will aim to provide a consistent and coherent professional development pathway, covering core topics and lead to unification within the profession.  By working with key stakeholders, we will develop an approach for organisations delivering training and recipients of the training to support and implement standardised practice.

If you or your organisation is interested in contributing to this project, please email



LimeCulture launch Strategic Safeguarding in Sport Workshop for Senior Leaders

Hearing the accounts of victims, survivors and those with lived experience of abuse in sport is agonising.  Sport should be a safe place for children, young people and adults at risk to feel part of something good, be in a team, achieve goals and make friends.  We have heard numerous accounts from victims, we have read the headlines and watched the documentaries.

At LimeCulture, we know that abuse in sport not only has a devastating, traumatic and long lasting impact on the victims and their families, but affects their team mates, staff and volunteers.  Long term, participation numbers may be affected and the sport will be impacted by a loss of trust and damage to reputation.

What we need to do now is make meaningful changes and introduce a culture where safeguarding is a priority in sport to limit the opportunities for abuse and start to learn lessons.  Safeguarding needs to be about prevention as well as responding to concerns when they arise but all too often we are poorly prepared when abuse is uncovered. Case Reviews have shown that senior leaders in sporting organisations have enabled abuse to occur through inaction and failures to promote a culture of safeguarding.

Recognising the need to support sports to prioritise safeguarding, LimeCulture has responded to demand from the sport sector by developing a workshop specifically aimed at senior leaders within sports. The aim of the Strategic Safeguarding in Sport Workshop is to support the implementation of safeguarding at the heart of the organisation and to embed participants rights not be to abused.

The workshop is designed to complement the Lead Safeguarding Officer Development Programme – aimed at those whose role it is to manage and oversee safeguarding within sporting organisations.

The Strategic Safeguarding in Sport Workshop is delivered over half a day and will take place on Wednesday  24th November 2021 (9.30am – 12.30pm). This half day workshop will be delivered online using the Zoom platform.  The cost for the workshop is £250 +VAT per person.

To book a place on the next Workshop please use our online booking system or contact Annabel Timmins, Safeguarding in Sport Lead via email ( Maximum number apply so an early booking is recommended.

Please Note- LimeCulture is able to deliver this Workshop to individual organisations (in-house) for senior leadership teams  –  minimum numbers apply.



Saira Bashir joins LimeCulture as Director of Safeguarding Consultancy Services 

This week, Saira Bashir joins the LimeCulture team as our new Director of Safeguarding Consultancy Services, bringing with her 30 years of experience in safeguarding and protection work.  Saira has worked in various roles across a diverse range of sectors, including the NSPCC as a Senior Consultant leading on strategic partnerships on high profile projects, at CEOP as a programme manager, working with Law enforcement agencies, leading on tackling sexual abuse and sexual violence in serious organised crime.  She has also directed and successfully managed two training and consultancy businesses, dedicated to supporting professionals on how best to respond in safeguarding and protection work.

 Saira Bashir said:  

I’m delighted to be joining the LimeCulture team to support the development and growth of the safeguarding consultancy services and I look forward to working creatively and innovatively with our customers who are committed to safeguarding and protection work.

I’m joining a highly skilled and knowledgeable team at LimeCulture and I hope to compliment and add to the expertise, expand our portfolio and build partnerships to help customers on their journey and commitment to making a difference in the lives of others while achieving LimeCulture’s vision. 


LimeCulture celebrates 10 year anniversary

This week LimeCulture turns 10 years old!

As a national sexual violence and safeguarding organisation the last decade has been a wonderful whirlwind of experiences. We started out in 2011 with high hopes and big ideas but we certainly never thought that we could possibly achieve all the things that we have done as an organisation.

In the last 10 years, we have worked hard. Very hard. Thankfully there has not been any blood, but there has been sweat and tears. There has also been lots of late nights, thousands of journeys that have taken us the length and breadth of the country and even internationally. Hundreds of meetings, workshops and conferences – and more recently there has been hours of zoom meetings! But there has also been a whole lot of fun and an awful lot of laughter. We absolutely love what we do at LimeCulture.

During the last 10 years, we have met and worked with some incredible professionals, services and organisations. We have also had the honour of meeting some of the most inspirational people there are. Some of these people have been victims/survivors of the most abhorrent crimes imaginable and others have been the professionals who work tirelessly to support them, often in very challenging circumstances. It is them who inspire us to work hard to raise the standards and support a professional response to sexual violence and safeguarding. Our work is important – and it means a lot to us at LimeCulture to work towards making things better.

Our hard work has meant that we have had the privilege of being involved in a wide variety of work- exciting and innovative projects that we are proud to say have made a difference. We have done so much in the last 10 years that its difficult to know where to start, but we’ve selected a few of the highlights in the photo montage below.

We would like to thank all of our talented, dedicated and passionate staff- past and present. Individually, they are brilliant. Together, they are phenomenal. They make everything we do at LimeCulture possible, even when it seems impossible.

We would also like to thank our clients, colleagues and friends – we are so very grateful for your support.

10 years means a lot to us and as we step into our 2nd decade, we will continue to work hard. We have so much to look forward to and can only say thank you to the unfathomable amount of people that have made LimeCulture possible.

Cheers to the next 10 years!




Sam Whyte joins LimeCulture as Director of Sexual Violence Consultancy Services

This week, Sam Whyte joins the LimeCulture team as our new Director of Sexual Violence Consultancy Services, bringing with her 20 years of experience in policy, research and participation. She has worked in a range of roles across the charity sector and within government – including as head of policy at UNICEF UK, leading on children’s human rights and child trafficking and migration; and latterly, as sexual violence victims lead at the Ministry of Justice. Sam has worked extensively with the UN, UK and devolved governments, children and survivors, Parliamentarians, practitioners and influencers to bring about change.

Sam Whyte said:  

“I’m really pleased to be joining LimeCulture at a time when society is seeking to reshape how we understand and respond to sexual violence and abuse. I’m looking forward to working with the team and the wider LimeCulture family to help our clients better support victims of rape and sexual abuse, and to building partnerships across sectors to drive innovation and understanding.”


11 More ISVA / (CH)ISVA Services Join LimeCulture’s Independent Accreditation Programme

A further 11 ISVA and (CH)ISVA services have today joined LimeCulture’s Independent Accreditation Programme for ISVA Services. These services are provided by Yellow Door, Victims First Northumbria, East Kent Rape Crisis, First Light, SAIL and Mountain Healthcare.

Stephanie Reardon, LimeCulture CEO said

We’re absolutely delighted that these ISVA and (CH)ISVA services have today joined the Independent Accreditation Programme for the Quality Standards for ISVA Services.

As the only Quality Standards that are specifically focused on ISVA services, it’s fantastic that so many commissioners and providers of ISVA services have recognised the value of our independent accreditation as a way of demonstrating the quality of their ISVA and (CH)ISVA service provision.  More than 40 ISVA and (CH)ISVA services have now been awarded our Quality Mark, which is an incredible achievement for so many services. With more ISVA and (CH)ISVA services working towards achieving the Standards, we expect the consistency of these vital support services for victims/survivors of sexual violence to continue to develop and improve”.


Background information

Since their launch in October 2018, the Quality Standards for ISVA Services have been adopted by ISVA Services across the country as the benchmark of what high-quality ISVA Services should provide to victims/survivors of sexual violence, regardless of whether they choose to report to the police or go through the criminal justice process.

More than 40 individual ISVA and (CH)ISVA services have been awarded the Quality Mark, meaning a significant proportion of ISVA services across the UK have already demonstrated that they have improved consistency, practice and the overall quality of their ISVA and (CH)ISVA services.

The Quality Standards and the Implementation Guidance for Commissioners and Service Providers are available online, free of charge and can be accessed by clicking here

There are 20 Quality Standards across four domains; Leadership & Governance, Access & Engagement, Service Delivery and Outcomes & Evaluation. They set out the expectations of the ISVA/(CH)ISVA service’s leadership, staff and also the client experience.  The Quality Standards create a framework and benchmark that can be used to develop and improve ISVA/CHISVA service provision.

Sitting alongside the Quality Standards is the Independent Accreditation Programme.   The Programme will award a Quality Mark to ISVA or (CH)ISVA services that demonstrate they meet the Quality Standards through a robust and independent accreditation process of documentary evidence review, interviews and site visits.

The maximum amount of time given for a service to reach accreditation is 12 months however services may achieve accreditation at various stages within the 12 months, depending on a number of factors including, for example, how far the service has to go to meet the Quality Standards, and/or how quickly the service can provide evidence to the independent accreditation team to show that they meet the Quality Standards.  Our Independent Accreditation Team work with services to identify the appropriate timescales, based on initial self-assessment, service capacity and functions and location of the services being accredited.


For further information or an informal discussion about joining the Independent Accreditation Programme please contact us on 0203 6330018 or email and we will be happy to discuss your requirements

LimeCulture to Host Event to Launch New Research Findings on the Work of ISVAs

Over the last 18 months, an important research study looking at the work of Independent Sexual Violence Advisers (ISVAs) has been conducted by Middlesex University and Canterbury Christ Church University with support from LimeCulture.

The study focuses on the impacts, effects, coping mechanisms and effective support systems for people working as ISVAs and ISVA Managers in supporting victims/survivors of sexual violence across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. 121 ISVAs and ISVA Managers participated in the study and provided invaluable contributions.

The study’s findings are now ready and the report is due to be published on Wednesday 12 May 2021. The report contains a number of important key recommendations based on the findings that ISVA Service providers, Commissioners and Policy Leads will want to consider.

We will be hosting a launch event on Wednesday 12th May from 1 – 3pm. The event is free of charge and will be held online (using the Zoom Platform).

LimeCulture would like to invite all ISVAs, ISVA Managers, Commissioners and Policy Leads to attend.

If you would like to attend and hear more about the research and the accompanying key recommendations, please book a place using the online booking system by following the link below