LimeCulture’s dedicated Sport Unit has a fantastic reputation in supporting sport practitioners, Clubs and National and International Governing Bodies to transform their safeguarding provision through our innovative training and development opportunities, case management services, expert consultancy services and independent reviews.

LimeCulture has a strong team of safeguarding professionals with experience in a wide range of strategic and operational roles in sport and are able to provide practical solutions to the challenges of safeguarding in sport.


LimeCulture provides a range of training services designed especially for those working within sport, including:

Comprehensive Training Needs Analysis

  • Includes the analysis of staff and volunteer performance reviews, focus groups with key stakeholders and the identification of required behaviours, skills and knowledge for each job role within the specific sport.

Workforce Development Plans

  • Development of in-depth workforce training plans identifying key roles across the organisation and the level of training required for each role including training solutions and interventions. Plans are tailored specifically to the sport and the types of role required within sport including coaches, medical staff, stewards etc.

Design of specific training content and modules

  • Development of training specific learning objectives in line with adult learning theories, course design including the use of recognised experiential learning cycles and learning styles. Training is designed using current legislation, best practice and guidance as well as input from our experienced sport safeguarding professionals.

Delivery of sport safeguarding training

  • LimeCulture provides expert trainers to deliver safeguarding training specific to sport. Courses can be bespoke or standard packages. We deliver training to Boards/Trustees/Councils, Coaches, Support Staff, Administrators, Parents/Carers and Athletes.
  • Example courses – Lead Safeguarding Training, Case Management, Investigations into Allegations in Sport, Supporting Survivors, Sexual Health for athletes, Sexual Consent for Athletes and many more…


Through a range of tailor-made consultancy services, we can work with you to deliver the required service or project that you want and need.


  • LimeCulture can support sporting organisations by undertaking comprehensive reviews of their existing safeguarding provision. We analyse the organisational safeguarding culture, policies and procedures and safeguarding practices. Our reviews are bespoke to each sporting organisation and provide detailed recommendations to support the development of your safeguarding provision.

Case Management

  • LimeCulture can help sporting organisations with the management of abuse cases in sport, including allegations against staff. We work with expert investigators and case managers who can support you with current live case management or undertake a retrospective review of how a case was managed.

Policy and Procedure Development

  • LimeCulture are able to support sporting organisations to review their current safeguarding policies and procedures. Our Team will help you ensure that your safeguarding policies and procedures are up to date with current with legislation, guidance and best practice.

Event Support

  • LimeCulture are able to support sporting organisations at events, whether these are small or large scale events. We can provide advice and guidance around how to execute a safe sport event. LimeCulture can help you to ensure your safeguarding lead is sufficiently skilled and the organisation has adequate safeguarding provisions in place, including safe searching procedures, how to manage lost children procedures, how to ensure safe athlete village usage and so forth.


LimeCulture is well placed to support sporting organisations by undertaking comprehensive reviews of organisational safeguarding provision. We analyse the organisational safeguarding culture, policies and procedures and safeguarding practices throughout an organisation (from Board level to volunteer input). Our reviews are bespoke to each sporting organisation and provide detailed recommendations to support the development of the organisation’s safeguarding provision.

Sport Case Studies

Premier League Football Club

LimeCulture was invited to undertake a strategic and operational safeguarding review for a Premier League Football Club. LimeCulture undertook a global review of this football Club’s operations, with the aim of supporting them to identify key strengths, gaps and recommendations to enhance their safeguarding provision. The LimeCulture team are experts in safeguarding, governance and sport management and were able to quickly identify key risk areas for the Premier League Club.

Staff at all levels within the organisation were consulted in interviews and focus groups to elicit the cultural approach to safeguarding, and to determine how policy and procedural practices are embedded within the club. Using our unique approach, we were able to identify key information to compile a comprehensive report with practical recommendations for improving and embedding safeguarding practice. The Premier League Club are now enacting the recommendations and making changes to practice to help grow their business operations and create an environment which helps keeps all children and young people safe.

International Olympic Event

LimeCulture supported a major sporting event with its safeguarding provision by identifying areas of risk and providing solutions to gaps in provision. LimeCulture supported the Organising Committee develop a Safeguarding/Child Protection Policy for a major sporting event and provided provision and support for:

  • Searching children entering stadia
  • Lost children in stadia
  • Child protection/safeguarding policies and procedures and young fan wristbands
  • Safe use of changing rooms Athletes village arrangements to reduce the risk of abuse
  • Extra safeguards required for disabled athletes
  • Vetting and checking – including security for stewards and event staff

The Organising Committee ran a successful major event with the correct safeguarding provision in place.

International Safeguarding Training

LimeCulture was commissioned to undertake a training needs analysis and design, deliver and evaluate a safeguarding workforce development programme for a major sport in China. The expert team worked closely with the organisation and devised a workforce development plan which has seen significant improvements in staff, volunteer and contractor knowledge, skills and behaviours in safeguarding. Thereafter the organisation reported an increase in referrals which enabled them to better manage safeguarding risk within the organisation and to feel confident in their skills and abilities.