LimeCulture launches new resources for working with victims and survivors of sexual violence who are homeless

LimeCulture is delighted to launch two new resources for ISVAs and other practitioners supporting victims and survivors of sexual violence who are homeless.

The National ISVA Co-ordinator Service has worked in partnership with homelessness organisations, support services, academics and ISVA services to develop these new resources, which seek to improve access to specialist sexual violence support for people who are homeless.

A resource for ISVAs: Working with victims and survivors of sexual violence who are homeless offers insight into the barriers to accessing support faced by people who are homeless. It includes key practice considerations for ISVAs and ISVA services to improve their engagement with victims/survivors who are homeless.

Download Homeless | ISVAs working with victims and survivors of sexual violence who are homeless




Supporting victims and survivors of sexual violence: Guidance for professionals working with people who are homeless considers how wider professionals can appropriately respond to, and support, victims/survivors of sexual violence.

It aims to strengthen partnerships and referral pathways between homelessness organisations and sexual violence support services.

 Download: Homeless | Guidance for professionals working with people who are homeless



Holli Waterson, the National ISVA Co-ordinator, said:

“From our consultation with homelessness organisations, professionals, academics and ISVA services, it is abundantly clear that the link between sexual violence and homelessness is not readily recognised and as such, the barriers to accessing support are not being systematically addressed.

We heard again and again how the absence of specialist support and safe accommodation options can result in unresolved trauma, unmet needs and an increased risk of further sexual violence and exploitation for already vulnerable individuals – sadly, this is an unacceptable reality for many victims/survivors, but one that can be changed.

We hope these two resources will support professionals to improve access to and engagement with their services and enable partnerships between homelessness and sexual violence services to be strengthened to ensure that people who are homeless are receiving specialist, trauma-focused support following experiences of sexual violence.”

The NISVAC project would like to extend a very special thank you to all who generously gave up their time to share their knowledge and experiences and contribute to the development of these resources.

Briefing for ISVAs

LimeCulture will be hosting a free lunchtime briefing for ISVAs on the impacts of homelessness on Thursday 8 December 2022 at 12 noon. ISVAs will hear directly from homelessness professionals and academics on the challenges to engagement, and will have the opportunity to share ideas about adapting approaches to ensure ISVA services are accessible to victims/survivors who are homeless. To register for the lunchtime briefing, please email


About the National ISVA Co-ordinator (NISVAC) Service

The NISVAC Service pilot was commissioned by Operation Hydrant in 2020 to support victims/survivors of sexual abuse from identified hard-to-reach, or seldom heard, groups with a pathway into support from an ISVA service and/or access to the criminal justice system, in recognition of the additional barriers they face. 

The National ISVA Advice Line is contactable at