2018 LimeLight Awards are now open for nominations

LimeCulture CIC is excited  to be hosting the 4th National Conference for Independent Sexual Violence Advisers (ISVAs) ‘Knowledge & Network”, which will take place on 17 October 2018. This major event for ISVA Services will be taking place in Birmingham.

It is widely recognised that ISVAs play an integral role in providing support and responding to those who have experienced sexual violence. ISVAs are part of an important workforce that is increasing in size and recognition. This major event will bring together professionals to share knowledge and provide a unique opportunity to network with other members of the ISVA workforce.

The LimeLight Awards were introduced by Sir Keir Starmer at the 2016 National ISVA Conference to provide professional recognition for the amazing work that is undertaken by ISVAs throughout the UK. LimeCulture is keen to ensure that the outstanding contributions and achievements of these professionals who have demonstrated excellence, dedication and commitment to supporting victims of sexual violence through their work as ISVAs continue to be properly recognised through the LimeLight Awards.

Sandra Lewin is the Manager of Herts SARC and is responsible for the ISVA Team who won last year’s (2017) LimeLIght Award for Exceptional ISVA Team. She says “Since my ISVA’s won the award, we have noticed several sexual abuse organisations across the country have made contact to seek advice and confirm our processes and procedures. We have also had several high profile visits by strategic partners, these were the Chief Constable, PCC’s office, NHS lead on SARC’s to mention a few, which raising the profile of the SARC in general to partner agencies. We have also noticed it has raised our profile on social media which in turn has increased our referral for the service. We had a 45% increase in referrals on previous year! Finally, I noticed that it gave the ISVA’s themselves a boost, they personally received a small recognition gift from Mountain Healthcare. All in all it’s definitely worth nominating ISVA’s for these awards, good luck for all the nominations this year”.

There are 4 LimeLight Awards, divided into three categories:

  • Awards for an Individual ISVA (2 separate awards)
  • Award for an ISVA Team
  • Award for an ISVA Manager

Anyone can nominate an individual ISVA, an ISVA Manager or an ISVA Team or Service by simply completing a nomination form- you can also nominate yourself or your own team. Nominations open on 11 June and close on 14 September 2019.

LimeLight Awards will be presented at a special ceremony at Knowledge & Network: An Event for ISVAs on 17 October 2018. More information about how to nominate can be found by clicking here

For more information about last year’s LimeLight Awards and the inspirational winners of each category please click here

Knowledge & Network will include a topical range of speakers, workshops and designated time to network and meet peers. The focus of the event will be aimed at improving operational responses and ISVA practices. The event should be viewed as continued professional development.

To book your place please click here




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