A very inspiring International Women’s Day

LimeCulture was privileged to be invited to attend an event held last week to celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March . The event was organised by the British Pregnancy Adviser Service (BPAS) and Women’s Resource Centre.

The event was put on because these two organisations believe that ‘Women’s sector organisations working to influence policy have had a difficult time recently. The challenges posed by public spending cuts that disproportionately affect women, development of policy that doesn’t accurately reflect women’s needs and attacks on issues like abortion have all caused significant problems. However, there have been notable successes’.

LimeCulture and a range of other organisations were invited to attend the event to discuss and share experiences with colleagues in the women’s sector. It was a great event with some really inspirational women who are working hard to make things better for other women.

We heard from Hannanah Siddiqui from Southall Black Sisters, an award winning organisation that campaigns on behalf of women from the black and minority ethnic communities. Hannanah told us about the work that her organisation is doing on the ‘Abolish No Recourse to Public Funds’ Campaign. We then heard from Ros Bragg from Maternity Action who told us about the work they have been doing recently to safeguard the rights of women who are pregnant or have just had babies. The final speaker was from the Women’s Resource Centre, and spoke of the importance of women’s organisations working together in collaboration, not competition, if they are to survive into the future.

The whole event was excellent. It was great to see people sharing their successes and achievements. LimeCulture certainly hopes to be part of any future events of this sort.


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