LimeCulture commissions Manifestive to support our growth & development

LimeCulture in 2023 is not the same organisation that was launched back in 2011. We have grown significantly; the demand for our training and consultancy services has increased year-on-year, and we’ve expanded into new sectors.

Back in 2011, when LimeCulture was launched, there was not the focus on our area work that there is today. There was not the same level of scrutiny on organisations and their duty to safeguard or protect people from violence and abuse as there is now. Thankfully, things have begun to change, and more organisations and other sectors are beginning to recognise they too need to do more to safeguard, protect and respond more appropriately to victims and survivors.

For LimeCulture, this step change has meant that our client base is bigger and more diverse. Along with the specialist sexual violence support sector – who we’ve always worked alongside and continue to champion – we now also work extensively to support universities, schools and colleges, as well as sporting organisations, police forces and other organisations who realise they must to do more in this importance space.

In order to respond to the needs of a more diverse client base, we have expanded our work force; we’ve recruited new talent as well as developing and promoting our people so that LimeCulture can do more.

We’ve always known that LimeCulture’s success comes through our people and their passion, focus and dedication to supporting our clients’ needs. We have been lucky enough to build and grow a truly dedicated and talented team, who work incredibly hard to deliver our work to the highest possible standards. But we have also been aware that organisational growth can come at a cost, with people becoming tired and quality overlooked.

So, as we grow, we’ve been determined to make sure that our people continue to be at the heart of our organisation. As LimeCulture continues to evolve, we want to ensure that we all have a shared vision for LimeCulture and a common understanding of where we’re going as an organisation. We want to make sure that all our people are committed to our goals and indeed, that they are central to setting those goals for our organisation.

To help us do this, we have commissioned Manifestive, a management consultancy and strategy catalyst, to reinject passion and inspiration into our strategy and bring clarity to the role we’ll all play in our continued success – something that’s good for us and for our clients and our partners.

Stephanie Reardon, LimeCulture’s CEO said:

“It’s been absolutely brilliant to work closely with Manifestive, who’ve been astonishingly skilful in engaging our staff to think more creatively about LimeCulture’s future and what we want to achieve as an organisation.  Through a co-creation approach, Manifestive has inspired us to be confident and bold, breathing new life into our strategy, and ensuring that every member of the LimeCulture team has a shared vision for the future and a clear plan of how to achieve our ambitions”.


Marcus Iles, Manifestive’s CEO said:

“There are precious few opportunities to partner with an organisation with a mission like LimeCulture’s. It has been humbling to get to know the team, to experience their dedication and commitment first hand, and to help them galvanise their passion and purpose into a strategy that will continue to impact their client’s organisations – and our entire society.”



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