LimeCulture expands to provide ‘Tendering Support’

Due to the vast experience of LimeCulture Community Interest Company (CIC) in working with Commissioners (NHS, Police and Crime Commissioners and Local Authority), we have been approached by specialist sexual violence organisations asking for support and assistance with the tendering process.

In light of the new commissioning arrangements that have taken place over the last few years, LimeCulture CIC is worried by the increase of non-specialist organisations bidding for sexual violence support contracts, which we believe are most effectively delivered by specialist sexual violence organisations. However, while many of the (often small) specialist sexual violence organisation have years of experience, knowledge and skills to work effectively with victims, they do not always have the time, capacity or resources to enter into complicated bidding arrangements in order to secure contracts or funding to continue their important work. Sadly, this could mean that more and more specialist sexual violence services have to close if they are not successfully winning contracts that fund the delivery of their service provision.

As a result of this, LimeCulture has recently expanded the focus of our work to include a ‘Tendering Support’ package for providers of sexual violence services. The aim of this is to offer bespoke support to voluntary and community sector organisations who are putting together proposals, tenders or bids to provide services for victims of sexual violence as part of their local commissioning processes.

LimeCulture can now offer providers a range of bespoke support to ensure the services can demonstrate they are able to deliver high-quality service to support victims of sexual violence and to enable them to make a strong case for investment. LimeCulture’s support is tailored to meet the requirements of the individual service and can include a range of options and services, such as bid-writing assistance, support to develop proposals, independent service reviews, help with the development, collection and measuring of meaningful outcome information and data etc.

For more information about the Tendering Support that is now available to providers of sexual violence services, please contact

What our recent clients have said about the Tendering Support that we provided to them “Your support has been great and we felt that by approaching a company such as yourselves we would be ensuring that we got the best quality advice and guidance.”






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