LimeLight Awards 2023: The Winners are….

The 6th National ISVA Conference, ‘Knowledge & Network’ took place on 11 May 2023 in Leamington Spa. It was another fantastic event with ISVAs coming together from across England and Wales to share knowledge, learn about topics that affect their practice and network with their peers.

LimeCulture introduced the LimeLight Awards in 2016 to acknowledge the outstanding contributions and achievements of individual ISVAs, ISVA Teams and ISVA Managers who have demonstrated excellence, dedication and commitment to supporting victims/survivors of sexual violence through their work.

For this years LimeLight Awards, we received more nominations in each of the four categories than any previous year, which shows the growing commitment and support to these important awards.

We were delighted that Rt Hon Edward Argar MP, Minister for Victims and Sentences was able to attend the LimeLight Awards and presented the winners with their trophies.

We are thrilled to report the WINNERS of the 2023 LimeLight Awards are:

Award 1: Outstanding Achievement by an ISVA Supporting Adults went to Samantha Evans, Black Country Women’s Aid

Rt Hon Edward Argar MP, Minister for Victims and Sentences said of the winner Samantha Evans

“The Award for Outstanding Achievement by an ISVA Supporting Adults this year goes to an individual who has worked tirelessly to raise the awareness of the effects of sexual abuse on men’s mental health and has been instrumental in operationalising a new dedicated service for men and boys, a male trauma toolkit and the creation of safe community spaces for men to engage and talk”

Photo: Samantha Evans of Black Country Women’s Aid


Award 2: The Vicky Bardsley Prize: Outstanding Achievement by an ISVA Supporting Children & Young People went to Eve Selfridge of Migdal Emunah

“This year’s award goes to someone who has demonstrated the dedication and creativity needed to ensure children and young people are supported, not just in the criminal justice process, but in relation to safety and safeguarding. This ISVA is described as regularly ‘going above and beyond the call of duty for her young clients’ and she should be celebrated as such’.

Photo: Erica Marks, CEO of Migdal Emunah collects the award on Eve’s behalf



Award 3: ISVA Service Innovation went to Safe Link


“This year’s award for ISVA Service Innovation goes to a team that is celebrated locally for their innovation, commitment, passion, and dedication. This fantastic service is leading the way in adapting and creating flexible and innovative strategies and services which seek to remove the additional barriers for victims and survivors from diverse communities to ensure they are able to access the specialist sexual violence support they deserve”.

Photo: Members of the Safe Link ISVA Service



Award 4: Inspirational ISVA Manager went to Jamie Allinson of RSACC Darlington and County Durham

“This year’s award goes to a manager who works tirelessly to improve the ISVA service and survivors’ experiences of the criminal justice system. This manager has worked determinedly to ensure the ISVA service is inclusive and accessible to all victims and survivors of sexual violence, developing new partnerships and pathways while remaining a supportive and approachable leader to her ISVA team. This manager has been described as a great mentor who leads by example, and is always on hand to offer a ‘listening ear’ and prioritise the team’s self-care“.

Photo: Jamie Allinson of RSACC Durham and Darlington



LimeCulture would like to thank everybody who nominated an ISVA, an ISVA Team or an ISVA Manager to make the 2023 LimeLight Awards a great success!

We would also like to say a huge congratulations to the 4 individual ISVAs, 2 Managers and 2 ISVA Services who were shortlisted for the 2023 awards across all 4 categories. It’s a fantastic achievement in itself to be shortlisted due to the quality of the services provided by ISVA services that operate across England and Wales. 

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