Funding for ISVA Training Still Available

We have found out today that there is still funding available from the Home Office that can be accessed by ISVAs for training.

The Home Office are making grants available for ISVAs to attend accredited training, such as the ISVA Development Programme– and have provided funding for ISVAs to attend the whole 6 modules (£2,000 plus VAT).

They have also provided funding to (already) trained ISVAs to allow them to access further training, such as Court Skills. Trained ISVAs may also be able to access funding to allow them to attend individual modules, workshops or masterclasses as part of their continued professional development.

We have also been informed that some ISVA Mangers have been successful in receiving funding from the Home Office to allow them to access training such as the ISVA Managers Workshop

The training fund is being managed by Sean McGarry, Home Office Policy Lead.


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