LimeCulture Announces New Project : Developing an International Training Framework for Safeguarding Officers in Sport

Professional development in safeguarding in sport can be difficult to navigate, with different sectors, models and people’s own experience shaping the response.  Internationally different legislation, and guidance – and even a lack of legislation and guidance – has led to a disjointed and fragmented response, when it is clear the issues of abuse in sport are similar world-wide.  There are examples of children, young people and adults being abused across the globe and a united, consistent and robust response will support organisations with closing the gaps, reducing opportunities for offenders and help create safer and positive experiences for participants in sport.

The aim of this project is to produce an international framework that sporting organisations can use to inform the professional development of their Safeguarding in Sport Leads.  LimeCulture is excited to be working with stakeholders from the sport sector across the world and with Professor Mike Hartill.

There are currently a number of organisations and Government agencies around the world delivering or developing training offers for safeguarding lead officers, but there is no academic pathway into the profession.  The framework will aim to provide a consistent and coherent professional development pathway, covering core topics and lead to unification within the profession.  By working with key stakeholders, we will develop an approach for organisations delivering training and recipients of the training to support and implement standardised practice.

If you or your organisation is interested in contributing to this project, please email



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