New project to gather the experiences of victims and survivors of rape

LimeCulture is delighted to be working closely with Cambridgeshire Police, the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, and Cambridgeshire Rape Crisis over the next 16 months to capture the views and experiences of adult victims/survivors of rape who are engaging with Cambridgeshire Police and accessing local ISVA support.

We’ll be undertaking a series of interviews with victims/survivors at key points during their criminal justice journey to better understand whether they have felt respected, supported and safe; what has been done well; and where improvements can be made. Victims/survivors will be asked for their consent to participate in the research and can withdraw at any time.

LimeCulture has long-standing experience of engaging sensitively with victims/survivors from across the country through our extensive service review and consultancy work. We believe speaking directly to victims/survivors of all ages, and understanding their views, expectations and experiences is not only key to tackling the barriers individuals’ face in seeking support and seeking justice; but also to putting victims’ voices at the forefront of shaping better services.

Through this project, victims/survivors of rape will be able to share their views and experiences freely and confidentially with LimeCulture. To ensure no one can be individually identified, we will share key feedback themes with the Police and support services to enable them to make any necessary improvements to their services and ways of working.

Sam Whyte, Director of Consultancy Services at LimeCulture, said: “We are pleased to be supporting this work to respond locally to the Government’s end-to-end review of rape, and are excited to see the changes that may result when victims’ voices are put at the heart of service delivery.”

Read the press release from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cambridgshire

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