Self-Care Training for professionals: now open for bookings!

LimeCulture is excited to launch our new training course for frontline professionals. Self-Care training is now available to book online on our website.

Over the last year, LimeCulture has received a range of requests for training from organsations who recognise that their staff welfare is of paramount importance. For organisations who employ frontline staff it is crucial that their staff are able to work effectively – particularly where they are working in challenging areas or on difficult cases, or with vulnerable people – and LimeCulture has seen an increase in the number of organisations who now recognise that self-care is a critical factor to enable staff to carry out their roles safely.

In response to this demand, LimeCulture has developed a course specially designed for frontline professionals that supports them to ensure they have the tools and techniques to stay fit and well so that they are in the best position, personally and professionally, to carry out their roles and responsibilities.

The course has been designed for those working in support roles (such as ISVAs, SVLOs, counsellors and therapists, wellbeing officers, support workers, crisis workers) and those who work on or have responsibility for managing challenging cases (such as safeguarding leads, case managers, social workers, disciplinary managers, HR advisers) and focuses on providing staff with the skills and competencies to ensure they are able to look after themselves effectively.

This new course enables staff to consider their own mental health and well-being, which is often such a critical factor in relation to work, but also frequently impacts on them outside of work too” explains Phil Doorgachurn, LimeCulture’s Director of Safeguarding.

LimeCulture’s 1-day Self-Care training is based on the principle that staff are the most important asset for any organisation and consequently, there is a need to make sure that staff are happy and healthy, and actively taking steps to stay that way. The course material has been informed by research into self care practices. LimeCulture has utilised some of the operational practices that have been adopted in Australia to bring to life examples of how self care practices can positively impact on staff wellbeing both inside and outside of the workplace. For employers ensuring staff practice self-care will mean they are more content in their roles, are able to manage their workloads more effectively and are less likely to require sick leave or become burnt out as a result of stress. For the professionals themselves, the benefit of practicing self-care is that they are likely to be more confident in their ability to undertake their roles, are less likely to be dissatisfied with work and are less likely to experience vicarious trauma or burn out.

We have piloted our new self care course with safeguarding leads from a range of Premier League Football Clubs and the feedback was outstanding. These Leads all work in a busy and challenging environment, often working with distressing cases, yet most of them do not give much thought to looking after themselves – their priority is the vulnerable people they support, which is understandable. However, self-care is so important to enable them to do their jobs effectively, it shouldn’t be overlooked’ says Phil who has been responsible for developing this course. “We then delivered the training to our own staff at LimeCulture. We want them to prioritise looking after themselves because we know that they are crucial to our success as an organisation. Now every staff member at LimeCulture has an individual self-care plan that they have developed as a result of that training’.  

‘Most of the staff we have delivered the training to acknowledge that their jobs required them to have resilience but they didn’t all immediately recognise that they can take steps personally to contribute to their own resilience’ says Phil.  ‘Everybody will have different approaches to looking after themselves and on this course we look at the different ways that self-care can be practiced – and whether there is any more that could be done – to protect yourself and your mental and physical health to ensure that you are in – and stay in – a good place ’ explains Phil. ‘There have been a few ‘light bulb moments’ in the training room that’s for sure!’.

LimeCulture’s next available Self-Care training course will take place on 27 June 2019 in London. Maximum number restrictions apply so an early booking is recommended. To book a place please click here. The cost of the training is £165 +VAT per person. 

Self-Care training can be delivered by our staff in-house to teams of professionals. If you would like to discuss this with us, please email




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